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YAY! Nic Hesler / The Crystal Tears / Boy/Girl
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YAY! Nic Hesler / The Crystal Tears / Boy/Girl

Nic Hessler, under the alias Catwalk since age 14, aimed to create a new guitar-driven Californian band. After early singles on Yay! and signing with Captured Tracks at 18, he faced Guillain-Barre Syndrome, delaying his debut LP and tour. Reemerging as Nic Hessler in 2015 after recovery, his LP Soft Connections (at 23) transcends Catwalk with lush, mature songwriting blending American power-pop and UK influences. It reflects his journey through introspection and musical growth, marking a promising new phase in his career.

Oxnard Gothic Soul Groove band The Crystal Tears formed in the summer of 2023. Debut single, "Solo Yo", came out on 04/05 via YAY! Records of Oxnard. The Chicano band takes soul groove inspiration from Sunny Ozuna mixed with brooding keyboard, guitar and cello/violin soundscapes and bilingual lyrics to create a unique self coined sound: Gothic Soul Groove.

Isaac and Maxine started Boy/Girl naturally as they share a room, clothes, and everything in between. Drawing inspiration from 80s and 90s indie rock scenes. They went into 4th gear when Eddie joined on drums. There's a knack for pop songwriting with emotional depth and witty lyrics that takes on a presence of its own. The ribbon on top being the prominent artistic visuals led by Maxine. Now the latest artist on the YAY! Records roster.

DJ sets by Hungry Beat LA and Bello