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Worn-Tin / Grady Strange / Queentide
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Worn-Tin / Grady Strange / Queentide

Let us welcome 2024 – a new year to finally stop playing call of duty till 4am, a new beginning to start wearing banana boys brand banana hats, and a new reason to start the year off right with Worn-Tin.

Worn-Tin is a Psych Folk artist from Los Angeles who is no stranger to the music scene – he has been around for almost 10 years and has a dedicated fan base that spans the world.

This March, Worn-Tin will release his first album since 2019. To celebrate, he and the band are taking over Gold-Diggers for a Sunday residency in January that no grandma or soul will forget. You see, Worn-Tin is notorious for pulling off some of the wildest shows on the west side. Without giving away too many spoilers, he will be teasing the new record with a drum orchestra, mariachi band, whips, chains and much, much more.

See you starting on January 7th for a ride you will never forget.