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Wild Up: M.A. Tiesenga / Gérard Grisey
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Wild Up: M.A. Tiesenga / Gérard Grisey

A portrait of M.A. Tiesenga and a presentation of Gérard Grisey’s spectral masterwork Vortex Temporum. For years, M.A. Tiesenga has wailed on stages as a lead saxophonist soloist in Wild Up.

Tiesenga’s works nestle within and atop one another. Their ensemble work Ophiuchus sprawls for forty minutes with two chamber works superimposed among its improvisations. That’s followed by Wild Up’s first-ever performances of what is perhaps Grisey’s most important work, Vortex Temporum (1996). As Tiesenga searches the celestial spheres for meaning, Grisey asks for an observation of the manifestation of polyphony in the room around us.



  • M.A. Tiesenga: Ophiuchus
  • M.A. Tiesenga: Untitled (for 3 singers)
  • M.A. Tiesenga: Fragment 13

— — —

  • Grisey: Vortex Temporum