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What Happened on Monday
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What Happened on Monday

It was a match made in heaven. She was a professional background singer, he was a lizard breeder. On an unsuspecting Monday, a horrific incident tears apart star crossed lovers Maeve and Blake. Months later, they attempt to move on in their own ways. Maeve begins dating new people and Blake enters a televised singing competition where his life is tested by yodelers, pop stars and corrupt producers.

Campy, strange, and hilarious, “What Happened On Monday” is a play based entirely off of audience submitted notes apps. Join Embarrassing Productions at the Silverlake Lounge for the world premiere reading of a play so tantalizing, so titillating, so traumatic…you’ll have to see it to believe it.

Starring Grace Westlin, Will Abbott, Emily Woods, Millicent Miereanu, Izzi Rojas, Christian Skinner, Emma Estrada, Melina Young, and more to be announced.

Written by Emily Woods and Millicent Miereanu

Produced by Embarrassing Productions