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What Does it All Mean, What Does Any of This Mean? Why? How? Help!

Welcome back to PRS’s third installment of a comedy talk show here to cure your existential dread, following our very successful first and second editions this past December and February! The stand up comedian is known to be the deepest observer. More introspective than Descartes, more earth-shattering than Socrates, more insightful than Nietzsche. The comedian was the first to ask, “What is the deal?” Well, now we get to the bottom of just that. Join host Alison Stevenson as she forces her comedian friends to solve life’s biggest unsolvable problems. You will laugh, you will cry, you will think. But most importantly, you will laugh.


Biniam Bizuneh

Camirin Farmer

Salma Hindy

Anna Seregina

and David Brown!