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Vampire’s Kiss presented by How Coppola Became Cage

Join writer Zach Schonfeld for the release of his new Nicolas Cage biography, How Coppola Became Cage. A 35mm screening of Vampire’s Kiss will be paired with a book signing and Q&A!

Schonfeld writes for Pitchfork, Vulture, Spin Magazine, in addition to many other publications. His new book, How Coppola Became Cage, offers a revealing portrait of Cage’s wildly intense devotion to his performances behind the scenes and his creative self-discovery as he drew on influences as far-flung as silent cinema and German Expressionism. These were all crucial ingredients in the creation of a singular acting style that rejects the limits of realism.

Brimming with previously untold stories and insights, How Coppola Became Cage both revels in and demystifies Cage’s onscreen eccentricities. No other modern actor has explored such profound creative extremes while bending the boundaries of good taste. Here is the origin story of an actor who truly is wild at heart and weird on top.