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UnCabaret is a legendary comedy innovator largely responsible for the revolution in alt comedy. It’s a place for wildly fun, idiosyncratic, intimate, conversational comedy, where comedy luminaries share the stories ripped from the headlines of their own lives. Always different, and always about the now. UnCabaret has been breaking ground in comedy for 25 years live and on Amazon, Sirius and Comedy Central and Zoom.

Beth Lapides hosts: Byron Bowers, Julia Sweeney, Greg Behrendt, Jackson Bridgers, and Jamie Bridgers – share stories, wisdom, rants, songs, commune and a deep dive into this very vibrant now.

Why the Un? Unhomophobic, unxenophobic, unmysogynistic. Unhacky. Unique. “One of the best livestream comedy shows!” Vulture “A comedy be in!” Rolling Stone “Nothing’s cooler!” Vanity Fair