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twin flames: a cosmic variety show

Hang up and call us now. Get ready for a time-bending, heart-melting cosmic circus. Your transcendent variety show from the celestial ether is taking The Elysian stage. Enjoy a bizarre evening of magic, drag, characters on characters, clown, art, and time-traveling friendship that leaves you wondering if you just fell in love. (You did.) Hosted by beautiful cosmic freaks Emily Maverick & Geri Courtney-Austein.

This show is destined to be extra, extra magical, and you’ll get all the answers to your problems. After all, we’ve got a world-renowned mentalist, a beauty pageant-winning drag queen, 4 very mean old ladies, and more!

Featuring Margaret Cho, Barboza Dance Method, Mylique E Fawcett, Brianna Ahlmark, Taylor Krasne, Jill Young, Zack Binder, Dylan Adler