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The Nonsemble Presents

“The stakes are heightened…” – The Los Angeles Times. The Month Long Ham Festival is a fast paced, exhilarating experience, in which LA’s freakiest Clowns attempt to perform as many interactive theater pieces as possible in 1 hour (And there is a timer!). The pieces, delineated by the sound of a bell, have shades of Fluxus, Punk-rock Clown, and Experimental Comedy. This cast of creative daredevils take the biggest risks, the sloppiest messes, and the craziest crowd work in this highly interactive show. The Month Long Ham Festival is where High-Art meets Low-Brow to create hilarious one of a kind happenings. Come see what the critics call “Wild, raunchy, perverse, in your face fun”

Nonsemble Cast:

  • Dean Evans (Artistic Director)
  • Araceli Lemos
  • Blair Bogin
  • Bridgette Steiner
  • David Gordezky
  • Emily Maverick
  • Emma Estrada
  • Frankie Halbiger
  • Ian Farley
  • Jill Young
  • Joe Pizanzio
  • Karen Hall
  • Magi Calcagne
  • Rachel Ho
  • Woody Currie

Directed by Dean Evans