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The Crossword Show with Zach Sherwin

The Crossword Show is a live comedy show hosted by Zach Sherwin (“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” “Epic Rap Battles of History”) in which a panel of guests solves an actual crossword puzzle live onstage in front of an audience, with everything displayed on a giant screen so the crowd can follow along.

Every time the solvers decipher a clue, Zach launches the show down a rabbit hole that’s somehow related to the answer word. There’s an accompanying slide presentation, tons of comedy, wordplay, and pop-culture trivia along the way, and even a musical element: while the clues work like the ones in a normal crossword puzzle, they also happen to be rhyming hip-hop lyrics. You’ll laugh. You’ll be dazzled by the connections between the puzzle’s answer words and themes. And you ABSOLUTELY do not need to be a crossword enthusiast to be enthralled by this unique, joyful experience.