Happening in Los Angeles

Sunking / Monde UFO / DJ Bodymind
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Sunking / Monde UFO / DJ Bodymind

sunking is the collective experimental sights and sounds of Seattle natives Rob Granfelt (aka Bobbyy) & Antoine Martel (aka sous chef). Originally intended as a passive outlet to explore the crossings of avant-garde, hip-hop, jazz, and experimental music, sunking has morphed into a full-fledged project of its own that today is announcing its signing to ANTI- Records.

In a downtown Los Angeles warehouse, on 7th Street, Ray Monde began writing songs on an old Yamaha church organ for a project to eventually become Monde UFO. Utilizing the organ for bass, keyboards and a drum machine he began making demos on a four track cassette recorder adding only vocals and guitar to the organ songs. He explored making haunting and optimistic sounds while living in the neighborhood of Skid Row as a one man band. Heavily influenced by the musician Sandy Bull, sonically landing in a similar no-mans land of Worldly Jazz and Psych Folk. The music he began creating experimented with the themes mostly of meditation and UFO lore.