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Stand Up & Clown

Great stand-ups are masters of control. They work tirelessly to craft their material – assuring them the greatest chance of success. But what happens when you take all that status and preparation away? Clown performer, director and teacher Chad Damiani (Clown Zoo Presents) takes eight well-known stand-up comics (many with zero clown experience) and ruthlessly teases, cajoles and directs them to take huge risks, fail big and follow their dumbest impulses.

Chad Damiani Live Directs:

  • Cameron Esposito
  • Brandon Rogers (Brandon Bored)
  • Moses Storm
  • Jon Daly
  • Brooks Wheelan
  • Danielle Perez
  • Anna Seregina
  • Kyle Mizono

Music by Mirthquake Jackson

Molly Renze Venable (unpaid intern)

Music by James L. Venable

Molly Renze Venable (unpaid intern)