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  • August 5, 2023 @ 8:00pm
  • RSVP required for location
  • Free w/ RSVP
  • 21+
  • Shared by a member of the community

Bivalves, transtulas, crickhets, and theydybugs to the only party where crabs are allowed. Are you urchin to come out of your shell? Show off your pearl and twirl around the worm pole.

This party is FREE with RSVP to all bottom feeding friends with no backbones. Leave your spine, bird behavior and palo santo scents** at the door.

Starts at 8pm, first performance block at 10pm SHARP, check in by 9:30 if you're performing!

Location to be sent out day before the event.

Shrimpin' ain't easy, so all you invertebrats bring your sugar crawdaddies.

Make it rain anemoney! Tipping our slithering performers is highly encouraged--Bring real mammalian dollars or exchange for Spinelessque sand dollars at the door.

V/E/N/M/O: @flatwormer1989 for exchange at door

Spinelessque Sand Dollars are only redeemable by performers.

If you're vertebrave enough to show up without one, you will be subjected to a molluscous slime bath.

**Please refrain from any strong fragrance especially Palo Santo. If you commit the olfactory offense of wearing palo santo or adjacent scents/smoke, you will be asked to go home, shower and change.

Sign up early, now even, to strut your spineless stuff and make some CLAMS

Performance slots are limited. First come first served. One song max. NO LIQUIDS unless approved by Sara + Iggy. Have a question? Let us know!

To sign up send an .mp3 or YouTube link of your song at