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Spaghetti Festival

Come see the guts and the glory of brand new work from ten creative teams with ten intriguing ideas that will come to life onstage for the first time. We believe in these artists and we are onboard to support their unique experiments as they toss the creative spaghetti against a wall to see what sticks. It’s a mix of silly, poignant, experimental and ultra-ambitious performances you won’t want to miss.

All artists in the fest are supported with development assistance from the Elysian including upfront funds, hands-on collaboration with our artistic team, free workshops, creative matchmaking, and additional promotional backing under the festival banner.


Concessions: The Show (A Journey Through the Four Kingdoms of the Candy Realm)(Spaghetti Festival)

A concessionist’s absurd quest to understand life’s intricacies through candy.

Written and Performed by Kel Cripe

Starring Rishi Mahesh as the Candy Man

Directed by Chris Fleming


Nosferatu’s Sweet 16 (Spaghetti Festival)

After 800 years of sold out runs at the Transylvania Fringe Festival, “Nosferatu’s Sweet 16” makes its hotly anticipated LA debut. Immerse yourself in a world that lies just beyond what our puny mortal brains can imagine.

Created and Performed by Freak Nature Puppet Collective


Planets, Planets, Planets (Spaghetti Festival)

10 clowns present a live-action astrology chart. Working with the planetary alignments happening the night of the show, an absurd series of improvised games and crafted vignettes progress through a zodiacal world.

Created and Performed by Blair Bogin, Kat Toledo, Martha Fearnley, Camirin Farmer & more!


Queer Caribbean Utopia (Spaghetti Festival)

Queer Caribbean Utopia is an hour-long, comedic performance piece, combining evocative imagery, movement, and music to highlight a nuanced picture of America’s most infamous swampland. Come experience the QCU and celebrate Southern, Black, Caribbean, Queer culture as Isabeau, an ex-Florida woman, shares first-hand accounts that are “totally normal.”

Written and Performed by Isabeau


Remember the Kia Hamsters? Well, they’re dead now. Presented by our comedy collective Curson n’ Screamin, Deshawn Cavanaugh and Jacob Nakshian will tell the classic noir story of investigating who killed the Kia Soul Hamsters from the most iconic commercials of the 2010s.

Created and Performed by Curson n’ Screamin


Being Kyle Mizono (Spaghetti Festival)

As Kyle Mizono’s procrastination to create her first solo show mounts, a mysterious portal to her mind opens at the Glendale Galleria. Willing participants are able to inhabit her mind, and potentially change the outcome of her chaotic situation as the show approaches. Inspired by 1999 American surrealist classic, Being John Malkovich.

Written and Performed by Kyle Mizono

Directed by Lizzy Born


Donkey: A Cultural Biography of A Public School Teacher (Spaghetti Festival)

Donkey: A Cultural Biography of A Public School teacher is one woman’s Clown-Bouffon journey into the absurd world of being a 21st century teacher, as she navigates huggy (aka creepy) adolescents, angry parents, and power-tripping administrators. Just another day in the American classroom.

Created by Dr. Dashia Magee


Ladies Ladies Lotion Time (Spaghetti Festival)

Witness a domestic, authoritarian cult’s final hour featuring Mother and Babies. Will you be cleansed in this story of loss, loneliness, and lotion? Or will you find yourself to be a stinky bad little FILTHY little baby boy?

Created by Swamp Baby


Did You Mean Engine? (Spaghetti Festival)

Negine Sekandari does an hour about growing up Muslim, Afghan, and a woman…a darling combination that has led to absolutely no struggles w/ mental illness or troubles!

Written and Performed by Negine Sekendari

Directed by Sara Sabzi


Six Scenes for Scene Six of Heiner Müller’s Hamletmachine (Spaghetti Festival)

This show is an inquiry into the sixth scene of Heiner Müller’s groundbreaking work of Post-Dramatic Theater Hamletmachine. This show presents six unique scenes to a group of viewers in order that they may help determine what the proper sixth scene should be.

Produced by Experience Cult Research Group