Happening in Los Angeles

Shiro / Roger Hallway / Chony Cronies
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Shiro / Roger Hallway / Chony Cronies

Wrapped in the painstakingly layered textures of soft vocals, gritty guitars, electronized beats, and digital machines, Los Angeles-based Shiro consists of two multi-instrumentalist songwriters, Hannah Park and Steven Spillane, who seek to fully capture the dizzying experience of life in the city. Shiro's songs are a testament to contrasting elements that create moments of euphoria, combining disparate elements such as electronic beats with analog guitars, soft vocals under reverberant noise, and vulnerable lyrics with deliberately intricate and processed song craft. The band recently released their highly anticipated single, "Delusion", on April 5th.

Roger Hallaway is a bedroom producer currently living in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

The illusive Chony Cronies opens.