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Shhhhh Vinyl Release Show / Darla Hawn
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Shhhhh Vinyl Release Show / Darla Hawn

Shhhhh is a Southern California-based Americana/Folk duo made up of Rheanna Downey and Molly Jenson, both with 20 years of solo artist experience behind them. These two women write heartfelt songs in the style of old country and new folk with a twist of 90’s female singer-songwriter. The two have come together to form a supergroup that is sure to rattle at least a few cages. Shhhhh represents women in music especially in the second half of life. They stand for women supporting women, the dissolution of competition in the music industry, and the idea that there is room enough for everyone. It only takes listening to a song or going to a show to understand the importance of what these two are putting out into the world. Shhhhh may be in their infancy but they sure as shhhhhit aren’t a high school garage band.

Darla Hawn, local drummer and legend, opens.

This will be Shhhhh's LA vinyl release party at Healing Force of the Universe, a new record store in Pasadena.