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Serafima / Mae Powell / Alice Sandahl
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Serafima / Mae Powell / Alice Sandahl

With a keen eye for life and love, Serafima sings about the experience of a modern day woman in all its sparkle and grit. Through reflective hyperbole and honest observation her lyrics dance their way to the front of your heart, and live in the back of your head. “In every performance, what’s been consistent is the way audiences are pulled into Serafima’s songs. The lyrics are unfailingly captivating—endearing and funny in a weird cocktail of earnestness and sarcasm.

Mae Powell is a Bay Area based songstress and rainbow entity. Her second album is set to release later this year and was recorded on Vancouver Island with David Parry of Loving and Alice Phoebe Lou. The new songs are magical and channel energies ranging from Bob Dylan to Chris Montez to Nancy Sinatra. You can find her singing jazz, spinning vinyl, or playing her original music with her 5 piece band made up of her very best friends. Mae Powell loves you!

On solo debut Bright and Blue, Alice Sandahl (La Luz) excavates with unvarnished vulnerability themes of loss, grief, and hope for the future with keyboard-driven music that combines pop, jazz, and the Great American songbook—Nina Simone meeting Harry Nilsson in a smoky bar anywhere in the world.