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Semi Trucks / Bondo / The Clog
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Semi Trucks / Bondo / The Clog

Get ragdolled from one end of the noise rock spectrum to the other with local darlings Semi Trucks and Bondo supported by recent LA transplants from SF, The Clog. Tonight, you will be swooned by the gazey siren songs of Semi Trucks, rattled by Bondo's mountain-moving riffs, and dizzied by The Clog's jumps from sinister to sweet.

Semi Trucks is a four-piece alternative rock band reminiscent of early Dinosaur Jr, The Lilies, and Silver Jews.

Bondo is a post-rock band and all-purpose solution for repairing dents, dings, and scratches in your home or on your car

The Clog is a gospel-influenced rock band channeling Flipper, early White Zombie, and The Byrds.