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Reckless Chad Reuben: XX – A WIP show by Chad Damiani

Clown Boss Chad Damiani has decided to celebrate his birthday by doing something completely new. Over the years, Chad has put together all kinds of ensembles, acts and solo pieces – but he’s never done his own solo WIP show.

Reckless Chad Reuben: XX is based on one of Chad’s most popular characters:

Reckless Chad Reuben was once the most dangerous comic in America. A massive celebrity who said and did whatever he wanted – and dared the world to stop him.

Eventually, they did.

But losing everything was the best thing to ever happen to Reckless. This isn’t a comeback special – it’s a comedy manifesto on how to grow and change. Can Reckless find new ways to make people laugh – and right the wrongs on his toxic past? Or is this dog just too old to learn how to fit into the modern world?

Come celebrate Chad’s special day and get reckless! Special guests TBA.