Happening in Los Angeles

This event happened in the past


QT’s presents… JOY!

We are UCB’s first all trans/gender nonconforming/non binary improv team, and what better way to celebrate than doing some improv based on your most joyful memories?!

Trans and gender nonconforming people have had a rough few years… For many in our community, this is a time of anxiety, fear, and fury. It’s now more important than ever to create spaces of pure, unadulterated queer fun where we can rest, relax, and recharge.

Come spend an hour laughing with us as we all try to pretend the outside world doesn’t exist! Allies are of course welcome

Cast: Alex Song-Xia (they/them), Ally Beardsley (they/them), Chris Renfro (they/them), E.R. Fightmaster (they/them), Jiavani (she/him), Joan Ford (she/her), Jordan Myrick (they/she), JZ Zepeda (they/them), Krys Tabujara (they/them), Lyndsey Frank (they/them), Nick Tiffany (they/any pronouns), Ruha Taslimi (they/them), Sara Caplan (she/her), Vic Michaelis (they/she)