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Prime! The Amazon Musical

Prime! tells the human (and humanoid android) stories behind the world’s biggest and soon to be only company. Join a very special Alexa-bot as they leave their warehouse home for the first time, traveling across the country to learn just how much Amazon has changed the world… for the better! This musical adventure takes you across the entire globe, from Florida to California.


Moon Goon, frequently referred to as the prize hogs of sketch comedy, is an LA-based comedy collective of actors and writers performing together since 2019. Formed as a house sketch team at UCB Theater Los Angeles, Moon Goon has since taken over the alt-comedy scene, performing non-stop sold-out shows each month.

Moon Goon is Mary Anthony, Jeremy Culhane, Jasmine Don, Josh Fleury, Angela Giarratana, Paul Heredia, Mary Lou, Skyler Madsen, Chanse McCrary, Nikki Mckenzie, Andrew Santiago

Directed by Patrick McDonald