Happening in Los Angeles

This event happened in the past


Picture This!

The ONLY live animated comedy show celebrates 13 years of existence! Come celebrate with us in the city where it all started, Los Angeles!

Picture This! is a show where comedians perform while animators draw cartoon doodles live that are projected behind the comedians in real time for them to interact with! It’s a fun mixing of two art forms unlike any other show out there! We’ve been delighting crowds for 13 years in LA, almost 8 years in NY, and at festivals around the country.

Comedy by:
Jamie Loftus
Vinny Thomas
Sammy Mowrey
Bardia Salimi
Bri Giger
Addie Weyrich

Animation by:
Mike L. Mayfield (Adult Swim, FOX)
Mike Hollingsworth (Bojack Horseman, Golden Girls 3033)
Craig Bartlett
Marie Cheng
Katie Hood
Davey Jarrell
Addie Weyrich (YES, Addie’s doin comedy AND drawing!)

Hosted by:
Brandie Posey (Lady to Lady)

All hosted by Picture This! co-creator Brandie Posey (Lady to Lady Podcast)

Flier by Mike L. Mayfield