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Ogreta / Olivia Kaplan / Laney Tripp
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Ogreta / Olivia Kaplan / Laney Tripp

Ogreta, the indie folk project from Irish artist Penny O’Brien, is celebrating the release of their debut album ‘Happy Belated’ on June 4th. Joined by friends Laney Tripp and Olivia Kaplan with a set to follow by DJ Sad Dad.

Recorded and produced in Los Angeles by Neil Wogensen, Happy Belated is a moody, cinematic, folk-adjacent journey soaked in gripping vulnerability and charming, romantic undertones.

The warm, melancholic vocals, paired with soft acoustic arrangements and satisfying instrumental swells lead to a unique and deeply dramatic record. Contemplative lyricism, both playful and poignant alike, offer an alluring insight to her somber yet humorous internal perspective to others, self and environment. O’Brien’s Irish roots are evident in the weighty rawness of the sound, yet her current base in LA lends to a contemporary, polished finish.

An uncensored, heartbreaking and brutal first record from this newcomer. Ogreta is invigorating the indie landscape with a magnetic and refreshing new energy.

Happy Belated is available for streaming May 31st.