Happening in Los Angeles

Nico Georis / The Growth Eternal / Celia Hollander (DJ)
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Nico Georis / The Growth Eternal / Celia Hollander (DJ)

We’re honoring 15yrs of Leaving Records with Los Angeles’ own legendary institution for the esoteric, the Philosophical Research Society!

The first iteration of this year’s ongoing collaboration between the PRS and Living Earth is an all out affirmation of the spirit. What began as a conversation with keyboardist & composer Nico Georis has turned into a whole-hearted community gathering lit up and amplified by our friends. Visiting us from Death Valley, Nico Georis will be playing the Philosophical Research Society’s early 1900s Steinway baby grand, before stepping into synthesizers to perform pieces from Cloud Suites and Terry Riley’s A Rainbow in Curved Air. The Growth Eternal are coming through as a quartet to play a modern tribute to John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme in its entirety with vocoder, bass, guitar, and plants. Lachlan Turczan is presenting Inner Aurora, a dance between water & light, in collaboration with the evening’s music. And Celia Hollander is stepping out from her monthly dublab show to DJ for us for the first time in ages!

Hot tea will be available in the lobby and this gathering will be taking place indoors within the PRS’s 1950’s auditorium. The courtyard & bookstore will remain open through the night for the seekers in all of us.