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Near Sex For Work
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Near Sex For Work

Near Sex For Work is a multimedia-filled solo show exposing the true story of how one timid man has found fleeting moments of confidence through his jobs facilitating other people’s orgasms. Since first getting hired by an adult toy store while still a virgin, Daniel Shar has gone on to find unlikely success in a variety of sex industry jobs - from running women’s OnlyFans accounts to playing non-nude non-sexual side characters in adult films. Tastefully raunchy with a throbbing heart, Near Sex For Work takes audiences on a roller coaster of climactic twists and blue-balling turns as Shar chronicles his ridiculous resumé with support from the most sensational videos, audio clips, and images he has amassed along the way (and censored for this production). Fans of comedy shows that go deeper will gush for this one’s potential to reduce the shame and stigma around sex and its industry while also highlighting the reality that, underneath humanity’s massive range of sexual preferences, everyone is ultimately just craving connection.