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METROPOLIS (1927) with Psychedelic Live Score by ELF FREEDOM
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METROPOLIS (1927) with Psychedelic Live Score by ELF FREEDOM

Embark on a journey unlike any other as we invite you to experience Fritz Lang's silent, sci-fi masterpiece METROPOLIS in a whole new light – with a live score composed and performed by psychedelic channelers ELF FREEDOM!

Elf Freedom is a mind-expanding music collective fronted by lead singer Nora Keyes, a seasoned sound healer who masterfully intertwines her voice in a deeply immersive psychedelic sound journey. Her collaborators, Bee Appleseed, Mirage, Noel Rhodes of Unusual Tuesdays, ZZ Ryder, & Tonya Lee Jaynes comprise the group of sonic voyagers . They have been dedicated to exploring & experimenting, pushing the boundaries of psychedelic improvised experimental immersive music as a conduit for sound healing - to create an experience of present moment awareness that lifts & inspires the listener so they feel recharged & connected to creative spirit. This immersive event promises to transport you to a realm where music and film converge to become a unique journey to inform & uplift the soul.

Elf Freedom’s score aims to emotionally connect with the timeless narrative of METROPOLIS. Just as societal class divides were prevalent in the industrial era depicted in the film, so too are they mirrored in today's post pandemic world amidst the AI technological revolution. The music serves as a bridge between these timelines, stirring and uplifting the audience to the film's profound message: "The Mediator Between the Head and the Hands Must Be the Heart." In a world where stress and discord abound, the group’s score offers a respite — a moment of sound healing that unifies with the timeless myth of Fritz Lang’s masterpiece. Through the power of music and film, we aim to empower, uplift, recharge, and invigorate the heart, reminding us of the value of human and spiritual connection in the face of industrial revolutions.

As you immerse yourself in the union of music and film, Elf Freedom invites you to allow yourself to be swept away by the soulful melodies and powerful imagery. Let this soul song resonate within you, awakening a sense of unity and empathy that transcends time and space.

Join us on this extraordinary journey of healing and transformation, where the heart reigns supreme and the spirit of METROPOLIS lives on!