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Medicine Woman

Veronica Osorio (Coen Bros., Soderbergh, CBS, Netflix, UCB Theater, The Elysian) is Medicine Woman, a sexy, sassy Venezuelan shamanic clown.

Medicine Woman, a mysterious healer from Venezuela, is in town to conduct a shamanic healing ritual and heal whomever comes her way. The medicine she provides is not always the same and will depend on the vibes of the night and the audience (could be an entity/character, a dance, juggling, a tarot card, burlesque, a hug or a kiss) until the audience is healed. Is this Venezuelan stranger a healer who holds the secrets of the universe or is she a lil’ rascal tryna steal kisses from gorgeous strangers? And… Does it matter? Once you’re healed, you will understand that “matter doesn’t really matter.”

Clown, characters, part circus, part shamanic healing ritual, total night out with your Venezuelan best friend who’s gone through a lot of dumb bitch shit and is, henceforth, qualified to heal you! Every night will be different but, with Medicine Woman being a Latina lover, there will always be sexiness and falling mutually in love… that is until she leaves for the next town. Enjoy her while you can! Medicine Woman is guaranteed to be a different show every single time.

The Medicine Woman show is as profound and sacred as silly and profane.