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Marem Ladson / Micah Preite
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Marem Ladson / Micah Preite

In the depths of Marem Ladson's music lies a profound exploration of her cross-cultural identity, intertwining her unique approach to lyrical and introspective songwriting with influences from folk, pop, and Spanish traditional music.

Hailing from Galicia in northern Spain, Marem sought solace from an early age in the written word, penning short stories and poems that served as windows into her internal world. It was not long before she discovered the transformative power of music, teaching herself to play the guitar and transforming her literary creations into heartfelt songs. It was through music that she sought to understand herself, seeking connection and a true sense of belonging. In Galicia, she found a close-knit community of musicians at Café Torgal, a small indie music venue that birthed her artistic awakening. It was there that she immersed herself in the music of artists like Damien Jurado, Matthew E. White, and Lee Ronaldo, while also stepping onto the stage for her first live performances. In 2018, she released her self-titled debut album, which led to extensive touring in Spain and Portugal, sharing stages with renowned acts like Cat Power and Laura Gibson.