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Malena Cadiz / Mandy Kahn
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Malena Cadiz / Mandy Kahn

Malena Cadiz, a lady of the canyon transplanted to suburban life, finds romance amid grit. Her storytelling, reminiscent of Didion, unveils universal narratives. Her 3rd album, Hellbent & Moonbound, offers wit and vulnerability, reflecting life's beauty. Raised between Michigan and Singapore, her search for belonging fuels her work. Likened to Emmylou and Dylan, her voice captivates like Joanna Newsom. With 3 albums and tours across the US and Europe, her music graces shows like "Nancy Drew" and "Lucifer." Praised by American Songwriter, NPR, and more, Cadiz's latest album released in Oct. 2023. She resides in Los Angeles.

Mandy Kahn, LA-based poet, authored three collections and features in Best American Poetry. She's an opera librettist, collaborating with notable composers worldwide. Kahn's immersive poems blend literature and music, showcased at venues like the Getty Museum. A peace advocate, she hosts concerts and Peace Class, aiming for inner and world peace. Her work is documented in a feature film. A U.C. Berkeley graduate, Kahn resides in her hometown, LA.