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LSD Clownsystem / DJ Chinua
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LSD Clownsystem / DJ Chinua

LSD CLOWNSYSTEM is a collective composed of musicians from globe-trotting bands, brilliant costume and makeup artists published in the biggest magazines on the planet, and the hottest up and coming DJ’s in the South. But it has become so much more than a cover band – it is the blurred line of the proscenium. Rabid fans dress the part as the crowd and the band become intertwined.

Face painters line the lobby and costume vendors set up racks of rainbow clown gear in the lot. The Clowns work with their favorite artists to create imaginative set pieces, build compelling narratives for each show, and sell out legendary venues in New Orleans to diverse crowds of party people.

It’s a family affair, and everyone’s trying to get in the door. Is this the greatest idea ever or a passing schtick? Only time will tell, and it’s about time.

chinua is a Los Angeles & New Orleans based DJ, artist, and educator interested in facilitating community and connection primarily through the philosophy, politics, music, and culture of the African Diaspora and broader Global South. I’m perhaps best known as founder of and co-sound selector for Ascendance, a monthly zodiac themed dance party that exalts and centers the expansiveness of Black and brown people and culture. I’m also a fairly prolific creator of mixes, with over thirty available on my SoundCloud to date, as well as an occasional producer and composer of classical music which can be found on my Bandcamp.