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LFZ & Spencer Owen Co-Release show
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LFZ & Spencer Owen Co-Release show

Spaghetti Western landscapes meet Kraftwerk soundscapes. LFZ celebrates the release of his album at Healing Force on Saturday, March 23 alongside Spencer Owen.

Sean Smith (LFZ) and Spencer Owen have been close collaborators for nearly twenty years. This date celebrates a new release from each of them AND Sean Smith will perform in Spencer Owen's band in addition to his own set performing his new album in full. Both will DJ. Tomas Dolas/Mr. Elevator warms it up.

LFZ is Sean Smith. Raveled Veiled Known, is an album of monumental synthesizer focused extravagancies, and is released by Big Sur’s Gnome Life Records. This fourth full length album finds LFZ at an apex of fluidity and prowess. Sean Smith will be performing this album in its entirety.

Spencer Owen:
Spencer Owen’s Letter Dance comprises a pop song that refuses to die, feats of stamina, and endless melodic variations. Direct from 2009, this is both its 15th anniversary and album release event.

Mr. Elevator:

Tomas Dolas of Mr Elevator and Osees, has a preoccupation for keyboards, synthesizers and for the sounds/noises of electronics in general. When not on the road, or performing/writing with the band, he may be found in his backyard shed of synthesizers crawling deeper in the hole of sonic lunacy. Mr Elevator’s last full length record “Goodbye, Blue Sky” was released in 2020 on Castleface Records