Happening in Los Angeles

Leland and the Silver Wells / Miranda Lee Richards / Rachel Goodrich
This event happened in the past


Leland and the Silver Wells / Miranda Lee Richards / Rachel Goodrich

Los Angeles band Leland and the Silver Wells have emerged as a band whose melodies and lyrics transcend boundaries. Formed by the multitalented Leland Ettinger, the band's fifth album, “Riverboat”, is a musical journey down the River of Life. This album isn't just a collection of songs; it's a spiritual odyssey, guiding listeners from birth to death and every moment in between.

Behind this musical journey is producer Steve Gregoropoulos, whose innovative approach brought an organic quality to “Riverboat”. Drawing inspiration from flowing waters, Gregoropoulos assembled a band whose versatility mirrored the free-flowing essence of a river. Guitars tuned in alternate ways resonated with influences from legends like The Band, Neil Young and Sonic Youth.

Leland and the Silver Wells will have brand new vinyl available at the show.

Miranda Lee Richards is a Folk Rock legend and masterful songwriter with an angelic voice and a slate of brand new songs to share on this special night.

Rachel Goodrich’s music spans the gamut from rich infectious pop to introspective moody jazz with a voice so honeyed and languid it calls Julie London to mind. She will have new vinyl available!