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Kids’ Parties for Degenerates

The raunchiest ones are always the ones you least expect. That’s right — the kids’ entertainers. And this show will make sure you never look at a child’s birthday party the same way again. This comedy show is THE night of debauchery and corrupted innocence you will not want to miss.

It’s time you reconnect with your inner child. So you can seriously mess them the f*** up. Even worse than they already were. Because now, at least, you’ve got a choice in the matter!!

Headliner, MICHAEL RAYNER (America’s Got Talent, Ellen, The Late Late Show with James Corden, The Jennifer Hudson Show, The David Letterman Show, Sesame Street, The Extreme Gong Show, Thirty Seconds To Fame, and Nickelodeon’s What Would You Do), is known for spinning a Burger King cheeseburger on a parasol. He can also balance shoes on his nose, a cymbal on his chin, and who knows what else.

Also featuring:

  • Marty, The Unicorn – HANNAH LESKOSKY has received a People’s Choice Award from the VentHaven Ventriloquist Convention on four separate occasions and has been chosen as Best of the Fest in three comedy festivals in 2018. She has also appeared on ABC’s The Gong Show as the Unicorn Ventriloquist and was featured on Youtube’s Good Mythical Morning with Rhett and Link! She’s also been featured on the SnapChat show Brother and So Yummy’s Top Down Challange.
  • Those Klein Boyz – JEREMY and KYLE, AKA Those Klein Boyz, are brothers, nerds, and NOT twins! Their performances are an energetic hybrid of written songs, improvisational comedy, beatboxing, & freestyle rap directly inspired by the audience! Every show is a unique one-night-only experience full of laughs and rhymes tailored to your crowd.
  • The Misdemeanor Mermaid – CASARA CLARK is a mermaid-in-training, because balloon twisting and dance games were no longer enough to keep that kids’ entertainment thrill going. You can catch her in Josh Thomas’s Freeform show, “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay” and as the writer/director of WhoHaHa’s Official Selection, “My Boyfriend Loves My Personality Because I Changed It For Him.”

Special guest: theballoon****girl! (It’ll be the one time you’ll actually want a ****pic…)

And hosted by ROSIE LEISURE, who just wants a sock that will stay on her foot.