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K.C. Breakdowns / Caravan 222 / Alex Koford
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K.C. Breakdowns / Caravan 222 / Alex Koford

KC Breakdowns credo is “Country classics played by people who care”... and they do care. Clearly lifers when it comes to playing music, everyone in The Breakdowns is quite catholic in their musical tastes, taking in just about every genre that’s ever been pressed onto vinyl. At one point, while passing Telecasters ‘round the campfire, they stumbled on a sound that was strictly pre-Beatles, but, as the night moved on, Exile on Main Street began infiltrating, and by dawn, as the sun crested over the mountain, Blonde On Blonde wandered in. Now, it seems there are no templates, just a core California philosophy at work — a KC Breakdown philosophy. A Rock n’ Roll band with a country spirit or a Country band with a Rock n’ Roll heart? It’s hard to say… but it sounds good, kids.

Caravan 222 was created in 2017 during an artist residency in Valparaiso, Chile. Since then they have toured Portugal, Spain, France, and the U.S. In early 2023, "Country Bangers" was released by Berlin label Cabbage Records, and now, after having resided in sunny L.A. for a little over a year now, they've been working on a hot new album titled "Country Bangers Vol. 2." Appropriately named for the amount of hits featured on this new full length record set for release sometime in late 2023.