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Jesse Clayton / Pink Sky
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Jesse Clayton / Pink Sky

Join us for a co-bill evening packed with synthesizers and emotional soundscapes.

Jesse Clayton and Pink Sky

Hi-Fi Pizza Pi Pop-up

Jesse Clayton, a visionary in electronic music, sculpts sonic landscapes that transcend traditional boundaries, blending sci-fi, ambient, and more. His journey began within classical and jazz, evolving into a passion for synthesizers and sound experimentation. Known for pushing boundaries and defying genres, Clayton’s music is a tapestry of pulsating rhythms and ethereal melodies, creating a unique auditory experience that resonates with authenticity and innovation.

Pink Sky is the ever-evolving audiovisual project led by husband and wife, Ryan and Angelica Hay. When they started in 2017, they were a dawless, left-field, and instrumental “live dance band.” But over the last five years, Pink Sky has evolved into a site-responsive, audiovisual project with a discography that spans from ambient to electronica to synth-based post-punk. Throughout their evolution, the band’s unifying thread and defining feature has been their intimate & emotional live performances, where they connect equally comfortably with audiences in clubs, art museums, house shows, festivals, pop-up galleries, and even a sold-out planetarium series.

Hi-Fi Pizza Pi will be Popping Up and serving some of the best slices in LA.