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Jesika von Rabbit / Plasmic
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Jesika von Rabbit / Plasmic

Jesika von Rabbit is what popular music would sound like if it wasn’t some micro-engineered creation conjured up by two dozen producers, mixers, and co-writers in an artificial intelligence laboratory in Stockholm.

Formerly the frontwoman and chief songwriter of the successful and iconic Joshua Tree act Gram Rabbit, von Rabbit has released two critically lauded solo albums, Journey Mitchell and Dessert Rock, along with a bevy of singles and visually arresting videos.

Mind-bending, sexy, weird, medicated, and endearing, von Rabbit’s art is a blast of candy cane shrapnel full of utter madness, brilliance, and complexity. Intelligent and whimsical, vulnerable and sarcastic, ironic and riotous, her lyrical content is one of the observer, the questioner, and the contrarian. Yet at heart, she’s a pop artist, one with the guts to take musical risks you wished that Top 40 pop princesses had the guts to make.

Live, she is a sight to behold; dancing, transcendent, and confrontational, garbed in a skintight technicolor bodysuit, adorned, and bejeweled. Her stage show features the Grundles, her Wonka-esque dancers who interpret the set with an array of amusing costumes and Vaudevillian skits.

Her live band, a dynamic group of rock ‘n roll veterans, including her long-time bassist Lee Joseph, allows her to foray into her wild performative side while onstage.


Plasmic Is The Sole Source Of Fierce Vocals, And Gutsy Lyrics She So Eloquently Encapsulates Under The Title Of “Your Abused Barbie Doll From Childhood”. Plasmic Is Almost Entirely Self-Taught, Producing, Writing, And Engineering Every Bit Of Her Electro/Synth-Pop Madness In-House. Plasmic’s Sound And Presentation Are Highly Emotive, Evoking Tenderness And Turmoil In Almost Equal Measure, And It Is All Dressed In An Avant-Garde Glamour Giving Off An Aura Of Fuschia That Cries Out To The Universe As A Proclamation Of Power, Joy, And Pain Alike.