Happening in Los Angeles

This event happened in the past


iL FUNGO presents: The Mall

Remember malls? Remember the escalators? Big metal mouths chomping at me and my friends. They wanna take me up and they want my money. They wanna bring me down and they want my money. Bring your family here and bring money. We are your family and we want your money and we love you we want your money. What would you do for family? At what costs? The Mall closes around 11. Directed by Dean Evans.

iL FUNGO is an LA-based bouffon troupe that formed in 2022 under the direction of Dean Evans. Featuring Deidre Scott, Grant O’Connell, Grayson Morris, Joshua Kilcoyne, Mike Rose, Starlette Cravens, Tiffany Elle and Tyler Ramirez. Follow @wtfungo on IG.