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House Band / Stephan Nielsen / DJ Andres Renteria
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House Band / Stephan Nielsen / DJ Andres Renteria

House Band is an improv combo assembled by Brian Harding, custodian of the always entertaining Phish phan Instagram enclave PHILM, and guitarist Jason Abraham Roberts [...] The band’s debut, Aventurine, out January 7, is certainly jammy and shares Phish’s omnivorous musical palette, but the sounds here are more akin to electric-era Miles and the slippery post-rock of Tortoise, with heavy nods to the Beasties’ instrumental cuts on The In Sound from Way Out! Featuring a cast of players known for their work with Cat Power, Tim Heidecker, Grateful Shred, Bedouine, and Perfume Genius, the record is chock full of krauty minimalism, splashes of dub ambiance, and tangled guitar lines that evoke the Dead in full-drift mode. Since landing in my inbox late last year, it’s been on steady repeat [...].

- J Woodbury, *Aquarium Drunkard (*bolds added)

House Band, Stephan Nielsen perform live at Healing Force of the Universe in Pasadena on Saturday, April 6. Andres Renteria DJs. Doors are at 7:30 PM. $10.