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Her Magic Orchestra / Moonily / Reflective Detectives
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Her Magic Orchestra / Moonily / Reflective Detectives

Her Magic Orchestra

Where the Krautrock Highway meets the Anatolian desert, you find Her Magic Orchestra. The Southern Californian six-piece crafts their unique blend of psychedelia by merging Eastern Mediterranean rhythms with a heavy Prog Rock mentality. The band was formed by Aislinn Kelly (vocals) and Paul Soultanakis (guitar) who wanted to combine the rhythmic elements of Greek dance music with the heavy riffs of 70’s rock. They were soon joined by Ray Newlan (keyboards), Eddie Hernandez (drums), Chris Alcantar (drums), and Pedro Fonseca (bass). With this lineup, Her Magic Orchestra was born. The band quickly became known for their blistering live show which combines the dual drum intensity of bands like Thee Oh Sees, with the operatic vocals of bands like Sparks. HMO is also known for their wild visual presentation, with custom animations and costumes made entirely by singer Aislinn Kelly.

Reflective Detectives

Reflective Detectives are a group from Los Angeles led by songwriter, producer and guitarist Ryan Gabrinetti. Drawing from the city's vibrant musical past and present, their sound propels and subverts the tropes of modern psychedelia while seasoning them with political musings and social consciousness. Live, the Detectives inject the tunes with dynamic improvisations and mind-bending freak-outs that are never played the same way twice. Their new EP “Unknown Suite” is available now.