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Harrison Whitford / Cooper Kenward / Robert Shelton
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Harrison Whitford / Cooper Kenward / Robert Shelton

Harrison Whitford, a Los Angeles alt-folk artist and guitarist known for his heartfelt lyrics and organic sound, blends pop sensibilities with influences from idols like Paul Westerberg and Elliott Smith. Initially recognized as Phoebe Bridgers' guitarist and collaborator, he launched his solo career in 2018 with Afraid of Everything. Born in Boston into a musical family, Whitford relocated to LA, where he balanced songwriting with studio work. His debut album, a blend of acoustic simplicity and atmospheric depth, gained acclaim and was reissued in 2019 by Screwdriver Records.

Cooper Kenward writes warm feel-good-even-if-you-feel-bad songs. Hailing from a small town in Northern California, he never really thought he would be making music at this age. It was always a hobby, a secret whispered into a Radio Shack mic in the back of a closet.

Robert Shelton production credits include Luke Temple, Art Feynman, Brijean, Meernaa, Ryan Richter, Jonny Kosmo, Logan Kane, Hand Habits, Nicole McCabe, Rose Droll, Ales Siegal, Kacey Johansing, Emilly Ritz, Cooper Kenward, and many others. Excited for a peak at the man behind the curtain.