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Hanan Issa: Halal Habibis

A ‘perfectly executed clusterf*ck masterpiece of a life story,’ Halal Habibis follows comedian Hanan Issa’s wild journey to get married as a young Muslim woman in NYC. Having lost her mother at 9 years old, Hanan dives into her childhood and reflects on how the passing of her mother affected her attitude growing up towards love, friendships, and Islam. This one-woman show playfully explores Hanan’s vast array of battles with religion, grade school bullies, and unsuccessful relationships. Halal Habibis is genuinely a vulnerable and hilarious show that highlights the true meaning of resiliency, hope, and delusions in the manifestations of a Lebanese woman.

Hanan Issa is a comedian and writer born, raised, and based in NYC. She has been featured in Time Out New York and the Arab American Comedy Festival. She is currently touring the States (and Toronto randomly) with her first solo show, Halal Habibis, before she heads abroad where her show will be featured in the 2024 Edinburgh International Fringe Festival for all of August.