Happening in Los Angeles

Gregory Ulmann + Dustin Wong / Blanton + Fujioka / Isaac Sherman
This event happened in the past


Gregory Ulmann + Dustin Wong / Blanton + Fujioka / Isaac Sherman

Gregory Uhlmann and Dustin Wong are guitarists and composers living in Los Angeles. Using effects pedals to create motifs and textures that merge into vignettes, like a day dream.

Blanton/Fujioka, an improvisational drum and percussion duo, seamlessly blend rhythmic intricacies with sonic experimentation. With a fearless exploration of unconventional soundscapes, Blanton/Fujioka redefine the possibilities of percussion with their innovative approach to rhythm and musical expression.

Isaac Sherman is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and improviser living in LA. His music employs a myriad of synthesizers, samplers, guitar and vocals to achieve a euphoric, contemplative state for himself and the listener. Through improvisation, live-looping and processing, his music ranges from typical, shorter song structures to drawn out, long-form meditative pieces that often change from performance to performance.