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Grace Corsi / Bella Porter / Maisyn
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Grace Corsi / Bella Porter / Maisyn

Grace Corsi is a multi-talented storyteller: a vocalist, songwriter, and composer who’s always curious about the world and her place in it. Her music explores past selves, nature and cities, and the joy, wonder, and angst of being alive. Born and raised in verdant Seattle, Grace developed a connection with nature that grounds her two passions: music and urban planning. Whether she’s composing a string arrangement or developing a climate action plan, Grace aspires to tell compelling stories, build community, and spark positive change.

Grace’s debut album, Downriver, will be released March 8th, 2024. Come celebrate Downriver on March 10th with a live performance of the record featuring a full band and string quartet. Grace will be accompanied by heart-zinging indie-folk sweethearts Bella Porter and Maisyn. It will be a cozy, friendly, and earnest night of music!