Happening in Los Angeles

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Free Treats

Comedian Will Weldon (“This Is Not Happening” on Comedy Central, the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, ) knows all too well how difficult it can be getting people to come out to shows. But he’s also an accomplished baker (they don’t really have credits for that kind of thing, so you just have to trust that this is true) and is attempting to put asses in seats by literally bribing YOU, the potential audience member, with treats. Cakes, Cookies, Bread: who knows what he’ll be tossing into the crowd this month (not him, he hates to plan in advance!) On top of that, he’s also got a great lineup of other comedians to further entice you to come. This is, and I cannot stress this enough, the best deal you will ever get in your entire life.

This month’s comics are:
Eliza Skinner (The Late Late Show, Earth to Ned)
Biniam Bizuneh (FX’s Dave)
Kimberly Clark (Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready)
Lisa Curry (The Jim Jefferies Show)
Quincy Weekly (The Comedy Store)
Kevin Camia (The Late Show w/Stephen Colbert)
Hosted by Will Weldon (see credits above, you lazy ass)