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Escape Artist Lovers / Peji
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Escape Artist Lovers / Peji

Escape Artist Lovers are a duo who, while perhaps unconcerned with what they wear to the mall (and if they attended college it was probably, like, Antioch or something), do play an honest (and bittersweet) rock music. And it’s clever. And their hair is messy. Rakish even. And, yes, despite being from California, they also do sound like they have a fair amount of UK bands in their respective record collections.

Rain Phoenix and Kirk Hellie have known each other for over a decade, but have only been playing together as a unit since 2020, when Big Pharma, MainStream Media, and the lizard people fooled approximately 3 million people into thinking that they were dead, resulting in the NWO: American Chapter mandating what has come to be known as The Great Inconvenience. Point being, unless you were lucky enough to work for Amazon or in public health/education, there wasn’t much to do. And the forming of anything larger than a power trio was frowned upon. So Hellie and Phoenix, being patriots, formed a rock duo.