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Emma Ayzenberg / Gregory Uhlmann
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Emma Ayzenberg / Gregory Uhlmann

“What if the way I stay is always changing?” Emma Ayzenberg asks at the opening of “count the dreams,” the closing track of her newest four-track EP. This acceptance of both our constancy and our mutability sit at the heart of iron mountain—the EP’s title a nod to the English translation of her last name, Ayzenberg. The result is a collection of songs that are at once self-assured and undefended, giving voice to collective and personal pain that a less-ripened heart might find unspeakable.

iron mountain (out January 26) bears a dreamlike quality, capturing that space of both confusion and clarity that exists upon waking, the images visited still hyper-present in our mind even as we’re not yet sure which dimension we inhabit. But Ayzenberg doesn’t fear the haze of that precarious daze. On iron mountain, she asserts that there’s no point in the future at which she will have arrived fully actualized, and that’s okay. For now, she accepts what is, even as she tenderly welcomes the next inevitable transformation. -A.O. Gerber

Join us Sunday January 28th to celebrate the release, with Greg Uhlmann.

Emma will play with a full band and some special guests.