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Emily Wolfe / Nymphlord
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Emily Wolfe / Nymphlord

Emily Wolfe asserts her talent as a dynamic vocalist, sharp songwriter, and an accomplished guitarist and producer. She delivers a brand of rock ‘n’ roll that’s raw and relevant, anchored by emotionally charged lyrics and a powerhouse stage presence. This young and impassioned artist has amassed millions of streams and garnered widespread acclaim from The Wall Street Journal, MTV, Guitar Player, PASTE, American Songwriter as well as her hometown paper, the Austin-American Statesman and many others. Recognized as a force on the instrument, Emily has collaborated with Epiphone/Gibson Guitars on two signature Sheraton models which is a rarity for an artist that isn't yet selling out stadiums.

After quietly emerging as a phenomenon, Emily projects her voice like never before on her third full-length album, which she produced. As if mainlining fire from her heart through her vocal chords, she delivered this ten-track opus called The Blowback, without apology.

“I called the record The Blowback, because a lot of the songs are about not taking bullshit anymore,” she explains,“I guess I could say it more elegantly, but it’s how I felt. From global issues, national problems, and interpersonal relationships, it’s a big middle finger to everything. The album is something I needed to do for myself. I’m really proud of it. This is the most connected I’ve ever felt to a body of work.”