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Emile Mosseri
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Emile Mosseri

As a singer, songwriter, and composer, Emile Mosseri transforms the human experience into song. Musical storytelling is his lifeblood—a talent he has shared with songwriters and directors—and has recently taken center stage in his own work as a performing artist.

Backed by a band composed of Meg Duffy (Hand Habits), Dougie Stu, and Kosta Galanopolous, Mosseri retreated to Altamira Sound in the fall of 2023 with frequent collaborator, composer, and producer Bobby Krlic (Midsommar, The Haxan Cloak) to lay the groundwork for what will come next. The first taste of these sessions is “Wasting Your Love,” a song strikingly sparse in instrumentation for two creatives best known for their more expansive scores, and one that tells the story of love and marriage through a viewpoint that is tender and exposed.