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Electric Soundbath (late)
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Electric Soundbath (late)

The Electric Soundbath is a sonic container for inner journeying. Lying on the floor with eyes closed, guests are invited to allow the soundscape to support them and to be gently carried toward expanded states of consciousness. Guy Blakeslee uses warmly saturated analog cassette recordings of sustained tones and harmonic frequencies to channel the ethereal (intention) into material form (tape). Each Electric Soundbath is unique, an intuitively improvised interaction with the energy in the room, broadcasting the materialized intentions for healing and expansion back into the ethereal realm and vibrating the attendees on a cellular level. He has been developing this new and electrified version of what has become known as a "sound bath".

*Guests are encouraged to bring pillows, blankets, yoga mats, eye/sleep masks. Please arrive 20 minutes early to set up and get settled in.