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Edinburgh Postview Festival

These 7 performers took their shows across the pond and performed for strangers for one month in Scotland. Wow was it a ride!

If you saw the shows before they left at our PDA Edinburgh Preview Festival, you’ll love seeing how the shows have grown. If you haven’t seen them before, you’ll be amazed by these world renowned performers.

A full day of ha-ha, with the option for a $60 ticket that gets you 10% off at our next door gourmet pizza place POV! (That’s less than $10 a show AND really good food). It’s a Sunday made in comedy heaven.

12:00 PM MAGIC FOR ANIMALS — Liz Toonkel: Subversive, sparkling and witty – revel in a one-woman magic show full of incisive humor, hard-hitting truths and great tricks. Supremely stylish, Liz Toonkel presents a thought-provoking performance that challenges how we treat animals – and each other.

1:30 PM STAY BIG AND GO GET ‘EM — Maggie Widdoes: A deep-dive into the absurd, sad, joyful, and unexpected workings of grief, fear, mental illness and lifelong horniness.

3:00 PM HOW TO BE A MAN — George Aivaliotis: A solo character/clown fever dream about masculinity and its discontents. The patriarchy is a fart we’re all sniffing.

4:30 PM MARK PLEASES YOU — Mark Vigeant: In order to reckon with his past, Mark goes face-to-face with his 11-year-old self, in a breakneck-paced time-traveling comedy show that is tightly choreographed and joyfully vulnerable.

6:00 PM PLEASE COME, I’LL BE A GOOD GIRL — Brianna Ahlmark: Brianna Ahlmark saves a dying horse on stage in under 4 hours with a gun in her mouth

7:30 PM A RETROSPECTION — Claire Woolner: An absurdist clown confessional where the lines between reality and performance are blurred, probably too much.

9:00 PM MR. CHONKERS — John Norris: Mr. Chonkers is a show. Kind of a clown show but not really. Absurd. Simple. Stupid. Fun. It’s terrible. An important waste of your time. It’s great. Please strongly consider all of this information before coming.